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Counseling Mental Health


DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY | from (6) TOPIC: Amnesia. ... | 2. Adjustment Disorder | 3. Biomedical Therapy. | INSTRUCTION



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2. Logging Out

It is very important to log out. If you leave the your study's room without logging out, the next person  has full access to your account, to read and download your study, etc., a security risk you do not want to take.

Close down all applications individually to make sure that there is no unsaved work open that could be lost. Always log out, but do not turn off the power to your sytem unit or monitor. Wait until the opening login screen comes up before you leave the computer to ensure that the logout procedure is not stopped or interrupted.

Never share your user name and password with anyone!


3. When ever you have any question on your lecture please always go the "STUDENTS STUDY ROOM" and use the BIBLE SEARCH ENGINE you can only write your questions to us in the box bellow if you did not find  answer to your lecture in the bible search engine.


4. This page will  authomaticaly updated on every 2-3 days according to the day of your study, so we strongly advise you to make sure that you downloard your lectures before the next updating day.


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